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IPE Academy has been teaching in Nagoya since way back in 1980. We started with English lessons and added Japanese lessons in 1989. We have a staff of five, experienced, professional, fun-loving teachers. If you can’t come to our classrooms, we can do lessons online. Throughout the years, we’ve focused on giving our students a personalized experience. Since arriving in Japan, you’ve probably gotten used to the idea of not being able to custom order in restaurants. But here at IPE Academy, you can learn Japanese your own way and have a great time doing it. Talk to us today and get started!

Course Introduction

The purpose of learning Japanese is different for each person. There are various reasons such as wanting to make your daily life more comfortable and smooth, wanting to meet Japanese people, needing Japanese for work meetings, or planning to make Japan your home. IPE Academy customizes lessons according to each student’s learning goals, so you are sure to find a lesson that suits you.

Course Descriptions

Beginner: Survival Japanese
Learn essential Japanese expressions for everyday life such as shopping, restaurants, taxis, ordering, and delivery.

Beginner: Daily Conversation Level 1
In addition to survival Japanese, develop conversational skills that allow you to communicate about your surroundings.

A class aimed at passing JLPT 5. A well-balanced study of grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and 100 kanji characters.

Elementary: Daily Conversation Level 2
Japanese conversation for daily life. We will dig a little deeper and deepen your conversational skills so that you can express yourself and communicate more.

A class aimed at passing JLPT 4. Starting with basic Japanese grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension practice, and 300 kanji characters will be added.

Intermediate: Casual Conversation
Improve your vocabulary, listening comprehension, and expressiveness so that you can speak more smoothly in any situation.

A class aimed at passing JLPT 3. This is the final stage of acquiring colloquial expressions. Heavy focus on grammar, colloquial expressions and 500 kanji characters.

Advanced: Natural Conversation
Polish your vocabulary, listening comprehension, and expressiveness so that you can express your opinions about world events and current affairs.

JLPT 1 & 2
Classes aimed at passing JLPT 1 and 2. A wide variety of teaching materials are available, such as reading newspaper articles, more complex expressions, commentary on news, and business situations. 1,000~2,000 kanji characters will also be added.


Private Lessons

55 minutes ¥3500 per Lesson
80 minutes ¥5000 per Lesson

Lessons booked monthly and schedules are set the month prior. Scheduling and payments must be confirmed by the 28th of each month. Private lessons can be rescheduled or canceled without charge with at least 1-day advanced notice.

Pair Lessons (2 students)

80 minutes, ¥5000 per Lesson

Lessons booked monthly and schedules are set the month prior. Scheduling and payments must be confirmed by the 28th of each month. Lessons cannot be rescheduled or canceled after the 28th.

Group Lessons (3~4 Students)

80 minutes ¥24000 per Term (¥2000 per Lesson)

1st Term: January~March
2nd Term: April~June
3rd Term: September~November

Flex Months: July~August, December *

Lesson fees to be paid before the start of each term. 1 term is 12 lessons over a 3 month period. Group lessons can’t be rescheduled or canceled.

*Due to summer and winter holidays, scheduling for Group lessons during the months of July, August and December is flexible. Lesson dates can be booked on an individual basis. If only one member of the group is able to attend a lesson during these months, the group lesson will be converted to a private lesson and the fee will be ¥3500 for a 55 minute lesson.


• ¥5000 Registration Fee *
• ¥1000 Annual Material Fee †
* Annual material fees are charged per student on their IPE lesson anniversary date. First time students have their material fees covered in their registration.
† All Fees are non-refundable

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    I was referred to IPE Academy by a coworker who spoke highly of the teachers here. I am working full-time so it was difficult to find a school that had evening classes and could work around my schedule. The flexibility, friendliness and language expertise make IPE one of the best places to learn Japanese in my experience! Samar Kassim

    The teachers know the grammar, and can explain it  simply; they listen attentively, and are patient; they smile a lot,  and give encouragement. There is pronunciation, practice-time, and repetition. If you want excellent teachers with a friendly systematic approach, I highly recommend it. — Olwen Gosden

    I took a trial private lesson, and I was hooked. I’ve been attending private classes weekly for a  few years now. It’s almost the same price for private vs. classroom lessons so I never felt like I needed to switch to a classroom situation. At some competing schools, the classroom lessons are priced quite a bit higher…not that it was a big factor in choosing IPE but it makes private lessons affordable and some weeks I even take an extra lesson. All their teachers are very good at what they do. I never feel like I’m just getting an out-of-the-book lesson. They always manage to make lessons fun. I think when you’re laughing, learning doesn’t feel like work. — Raymond Larabie

    IPE is great! My teachers are fun, encouraging and professional. As a result, I want to do well for them. I’m pushed, but not too much. It’s hard work with a good mix of activities and it pays off. — Stephen Gosden

    I’ve been studying at IPE Academy for nearly 6 years now and it has been great! The teachers are very friendly, easy to talk to and can explain grammar simply. I take private lessons so I can choose the material I want to use and study at my own pace. IPE has helped me become more motivated and enjoy studying and speaking Japanese! — Lucy Yamazaki

    I was really struggling to pass N1 and had hit a wall with my Japanese studies. I was referred to IPE by a friend and was highly impressed by the teachers’ dedication and flexibility to work around my busy schedule. The teachers highly tailored their approach so I was able to quickly shore up my weak points. Thanks to IPE I was able to pass N1 and continue my studies on to more advanced levels. — Henry Morris

    I’ve been going to IPE for at least three years. The teachers there are all great at their jobs, are very cheerful, and are always able to clearly answer whatever questions I have. They are also excellent about supplementing the lessons with useful phrases, vocabulary, or info other than what the books provide. In addition, the lessons are very fairly priced as well. I always recommend IPE to my friends and coworkers. — Brandon Golda

    When I moved to Japan, I asked my friend where she studied Japanese because she spoke with such confidence. “IPE!” she exclaimed gleefully. After connecting with the staff, I understood why. My teacher took time to understand my learning style and interests and created lessons to help me achieve my goals. I also enjoyed the cultural enrichment activities and opportunities to connect socially with other students and staff. IPE was key to a successful international assignment for me. — Lydia Arby

    A friend introduced me to IPE when I first arrived in Japan. I was nervous, but pleasantly surprised to find that the staff were very friendly and flexible with my schedule. I started with private lessons where the teacher focused on building my language foundation and helped me gain some confidence. After a few months, I joined a group lesson where I was able to learn from my peers as well. Eventually I focused my studies on the JLPT and IPE was able to help me create a balanced study plan to reach my goals. I recommend this school to those looking to improve their Japanese in a professional yet laid-back atmosphere. — Keely Thompson

    I had an amazing 11 years studying at IPE Academy! The school’s professionalism and support has been invaluable. The teachers’ ability to tailor lessons to my specific needs ensured an effective and personalized learning path. This approach was pivotal in helping me pass N1 on the JLPT, and the encouraging and engaging atmosphere helped me continue to grow even after the exam. If you’re looking for a place with personalized attention and a supportive environment, I wholeheartedly recommend this school. — Claire Gorant

    I’ve been attending IPE for about 8 years. I really appreciate how my teacher accommodates my goals and weaknesses in the lessons, bringing in new materials if I mention that I want to work on a specific skill or if she notices that I’m struggling with something. I’m currently working on how to write business emails. They have a vast amount of resources and dedicated teachers that’ll guide you in the right direction to help you achieve your goal.—Arianna Hayes

    IPE is a great place to learn Japanese! The teachers are very friendly and supportive of my goals. I tend to be busy with work and other activities but IPE works around my schedule. In addition the lessons are always entertaining and keeps me engaged. Not only can I learn grammar and vocabulary but also everyday expressions not often taught in the textbook. I always leave with a big smile and more confidence in my Japanese ability. —Nicolette (Crystal) Jackson

    I’ve been going to IPE for over 3 years. All the teachers are very friendly and the atmosphere of the school is great. I love how customizable and flexible the lessons are. I often need to learn specific things that aren’t found in textbooks and the teachers are always happy to tailor my lessons to help me achieve my goals.—Cloé-Naïli

    I have been studying with IPE Academy for four years, and I’ll stay here as long as I am learning Japanese. I studied with other schools and teachers, but the professionalism and friendliness of the teachers is a cut above, and everyone tells me my Japanese has gotten much better.—Greg Gagnon

    I’ve been taking private lessons at IPE academy for a year now, and it was the best decision I’ve made in my Japanese learning. I can see a clear improvement in my language skill and the lessons are always fun! The teachers are flexible with your schedule and what you want to focus on. I highly recommend IPE academy to anyone who wants to study Japanese – I’ve been telling anyone who asks to go here!—Kourtney Riley

    I started studying Japanese at IPE academy about one year ago. Before I started, I had studied Japanese for two years at university, but had forgotten most of what I learned. I enrolled at IPE at the recommendation of a coworker, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to Japan! My teacher is extremely friendly and supportive, and she customizes my lessons not only to my interests, but also to my weak points in Japanese. I feel as though I have learned and retained more after one year at IPE than I did from two years at university. Now, I feel I can comfortably and confidently navigate my daily life and travels in Japan. I hope that I can continue to learn more Japanese and grow my ability with IPE in the future!—James Matthew