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Nagoya Players Junior Showcase Spring 2022, Wrap Up

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Rainbow Connections: The Land of Kindness
Nagoya Players Junior Showcase Spring 2022

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先日開催されました2022春チャリティショーケースは予想以上の多くのお客様に観覧頂き1公演は満席、2公演はほぼ満席となりました。このショーケースでは子供達による初めてのミュージカル「Rainbow Connections: The Land of Kindness」に挑戦しました。英語でAct & Danceプログラムに参加した子供達は練習を重ね、素晴らしい演技を披露し、誰でも頑張れば目標が達成できることを証明してくれました。



そして、最後はショーケースのメイン演目ミニミュージカル「Rainbow Connections」です。これは、ジェフ先生のオリジナル作品でベン・ドーマン氏が作曲。

約1年をかけて準備を重ね、子供達の英語の指導やパーフォマンススキルを磨きました。子供達はセリフ全部を英語で学び、ダンスも学びました。練習を始めた頃に比べて、子供たちは目覚ましく上達しかつ成長し、最終的には素晴らしい作品を作り上げてくれたことに非常に感動しました。「Rainbow Connections」はリズミカルで観客を楽しませてくれるファンタスティック・アドベンチャー。名古屋プレイヤーズJr.の歴史に残る作品となりました。


また、多くの方々より賛賞のお言葉を頂き大変嬉しく思います。次回のAct/Dance Wrokshopへの申し込みも既に満員となり、ありがとうございました。





Rainbow Connections: The Land of Kindness
Nagoya Players Junior Showcase Spring 2022

NP Junior is back and stronger than ever:) The Spring 2022 Showcase was a phenomenal success on so many levels. We were able to more than double attendance, selling out one show and nearly selling out two more. This Showcase also featured NP Junior first children’s musical, Rainbow Connections: The Land of Kindness. This musical achieved everything we hoped it would. The kids in our Act & Dance in English programs displayed their incredible talents as performers and dancers. We all learned that with commitment and practice we can accomplish any goal!

This year we had a very special host for the event, Jeff-Sensei. Jeff got the show started with some toe-tapping dance and was then joined by his team from Eigo de Tap. Together they taught the audience how to Clap-Tap. The audience provided the rhythm and the dancers moved their feet. It was a really fun and interactive performance. There were many children in the front rows eager to jump and dance along with Jeff and his tap dancers!

Next, Magic Joe once again stumped audiences with his bag of tricks. He told a story about being robbed on the street! But it was okay because he magically got his money, watch and ring back:) He also showed us one of our favorite tricks, The Illusion of the Torn and Restored Newspaper. It’s one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen and it always leaves the audience absolutely stunned.

And the finale of the Spring Showcase was an original musical, Rainbow Connections, written by Jeff-Sensei and with music by Ben Dorman. This production took almost one year to prepare. The kids participated in English and performance skill training during this time. They had to learn the entire script in English, then how to act and perform it, and finally to dance. So, many skills were involved. At the beginning of the production we weren’t sure if they would be able to do it all. But how wrong we were!  Week after week we watched them grow and get stronger. It was a fascinating process. The end result was a funny, fast-paced, fantastic adventure. Rainbow Connections will forever be a highlight in NP’s long history.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and for everyone who contributed to the making of this show. We have received quite a lot of praise and it is truly humbling. Sign-ups for the next series of Act & Dance workshops have been so great that we’ve gone over capacity!

A second Showcase for 2022 is scheduled for December 17-18 at Youth Square. We’re bringing you another musical and the team of Jeff-Sensei and Ben will be back with more amazing dance routines and music. 

We’ve also been able to create a sizeable donation for local charity(s) through this project. We will make an announcement soon about the donation and the charity(s) we will be able to support. Please follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or via our Newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news and announcements.

Thank you again for making the NP Junior Showcase such an amazing experience!

Eigo De Tap

Magic Joe

Rainbow Connections: The Land of Kindness

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